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Book an Around The World Cruise with Ultimate Luxury Vacations

The dream or idea of an around the world cruise was only folly or for "old" people a generation ago. Now, cruise lines from Royal Caribbean to the traditional Cunard are doing around the world cruises.

The field is so crowded the cruise will be figuratively speaking running into each other on their cruises. This just shows how the popularity for these cruises has expanded, for everyone, from the very wealthy to the every day man/woman. And, age barriers have been broken given all the wealth accumulated during the past ten years.

So, then, it simply comes down to which is the right cruise line for my lifestyle, budget, number of days, and itinerary, which in itself is daunting.

The easy parts are budget and lifestyle as they are sometimes one and the same.

Now, mega-cruise lines and more price unconscious line, Royal Caribbean will start having a yearly around the World cruise, starting in South Florida.

Then, premium line, Holland America, has been having Around the World itineraries for many years. They are a perfect combination of itinerary and many price points.

Then, the luxury market is crowded with Cunard, Oceania, Regent, Silversea, and others in the luxury market all have around the world cruises yearly. The decision comes down to itinerary and cruise line preference. Some lines due a northern world itinerary and others do a southerly route.

The world cruise for most people do a once in a lifetime around the world cruise. Whereas some people do one every year or every other year, switching from north and south itineraries, with most people staying with the same cruise lines to accrue their perks with the cruise line.

And, one last thought, and that is, an around the world cruise is not just for people 55 years old and older. Otherwise, so many cruise lines would not be doing this type of cruise! Due to the incredible wealth garnered in the past 10 years, many people 35 years old and older are now experiencing the pure joy of an around the world cruise.

Prices can range from 35K to 200K and more!

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