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Private Castle Tours

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

We have chosen this private castle tour as it would compliment a stay at Versaille while you visit Paris.

This tour, which we have done for one day, can be extended for up to 6 days to visit more castles (chateaux) and gourmet dining along with five-star hotels.

For our purposes we have planned the perfect one day private tour visiting 4 of the top chateaux in the Loire Valley. This tour takes about twelve hours, so you will depart your hotel about seven a.m. and return about the same time in the evening. Arrive back to your hotel in time to rest, freshen up and have dinner.

Begin with the short two hour drive to the magnificent Loire valley best seen in the late spring or early fall.

After a rest stop the first chateau is the very one that Walt Disney based his movie :Beauty and the Beast" on in his early days. Thus, it is truly one of a kind. Your private guide will show you the chateau and grounds before leaving for the next one.

Next is the "the Ladies Castle" as it was primarily built and owned by women and therefore has a woman's touch throughout. You will also find out why it is built over a river! Fascinating!

The next overlooks the Loire River and the town of Amboise. The views are fabulous as well as the chateau. The turrets are amazing. After departing you will drive back down to the town of Amboise for a gourmet luncheon and some short time for walking/shopping.

The last stop on our one day itinerary is a 1000 year old castle and its beautiful garden set along the Loire river. The flower gardens here are a highlight. .

Then, return to Paris where you have a wonderful meal at your hotel restaurant or with reservations we have made at another top Parisian restaurant.


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