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2023 Itineraries of Luxury Travel

This is my favorite time of the year! When all the wholesalers, tour operators, and cruise lines have their complete listing of 2023 itineraries out for sale!

One of my favorite is Ambercrombie and Kent, or as most know it, A and K.

A and K has a wonderful assortment of small group tours throughout the world. Yet, they are priced as if they are groups of 30-40 people. Most land itineraries are limited to 18 people! A perfect size. This year is no exception with a collection of wonderful journeys that are "musts" for every traveler. Here is a sampling:

Kenya and Tanzania Wildlife Safari!! 12 days with 18 guests. This tour goes to every highlight in both countries in under 2 weeks. With deluxe accommodations, a view from every seat on safari, and expert guides, this is the perfect East Africa tour. Many travel dates, with pricing from $10,295 per person.

A favorite of my family, Botswana in style. 10 days , beginning and ending in Johannesburg, so one could easily add on Cape Town. A visit to Victoria Falls is included, and world famous Chobe National Park. Then, onward to the Okavango Delta. Fond memories from this vacation!. 16 guests, from $8,695 per person.

Another favorite of ours, is the Egypt and the Nile vacation. A four night Nile cruise is included so one can reach all the tombs along the Nile. Plenty of time in Cairo for the museum and pyramids! 10 days from $8395 p.p.

Next, and dare I say it, yet another favorite of ours is the Jordan and Israel tour.

A tour of Petra in Jordan is included, and then extensive sightseeing in Israel. People of all religions must take a trip to Israel!! 14 days from $10,995 p.p.

Either of the next two would be fabulous. One is just Peru. Lima with its incredible food scene and then to the sacred valley, Cusco, and Machu Picchu where you stay literally in Machu Picchu. I've done this trip three times. From $6,595.00 p.p.

Or, Peru and Galapago. $13,795. p.p. and this one includes the fascinating Galapagos, home to Darwin's theory of mankind. I loved this trip!

Two more are the Ireland vacation in 9 days with all the highlights, which again, is perfect, from my experience, and the Rome and Florence vacation, with an optional trip to Venice, the 3 main centers of Italy all seen in 8 days.

There's also an Australia/New Zealand tour and a Seychelles and coastal Tanzania vacation.

Lastly, for the more intrepid traveler, a trip to Antarctica for $13,995. p.p. which is truly extraordinary.

There are several more but time is please inquire if you do not see something that entices you. ULTIMATELUXURYVACATIONS can find a tour or plan your own journey specifically for you!! Just contact


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